Pirate Story Pack Decal

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Our Pirate Story Pack includes:

1 x Pirate Ship measuring approx 30cm wide x 29cm high

1 x Banner measuring 50cm wide x approx 15cm high, with your chosen name/wording*

1 x Compass measuring approx 20cm wide x 12cm high

1 x 'X Marks the Spot' measuring 7cm wide x 8cm high

1 x Whale measuring 20cm wide x 18cm high

24 x Track Markers each measuring 1.5cm high x 4cm length

8 x Shark Fins each measuring approx 3cm wide x 3.5cm high

Each piece will arrive separately so you can adhere your Pirate Story on your chosen space exactly where you'd like it!

Ships Ahoy!

*Please note that names and wording within the banner can not exceed 12 characters. Leave your chosen banner wording in the notes section at the checkout.