Kara's Tree

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This nature pack includes:

1 x Trunk measuring a total of 170cm tall x 78cm wide (not including leaves)

100 x leaves each measuring approximately 5cm in length x 3 cm in width

3 x Jay Birds as pictured each measuring approximately 12cm wide x 8cm high

The trunk will arrive in three pieces for you to adhere. One piece will be the main trunk and branch off to the left, the second piece will be the lower branch on the left, and the third piece will be the upper branch on the left. This makes it easier for you to adhere the tree and joins are very hard to see. 

The leaves will arrive separately for you to adhere. Many customers trail the leaves as though they are blowing across the wall. The three Jay Birds will also arrive separately so you can adhere them where you wish.

Please leave your Trunk, Leaf and Jay Bird colours in the Notes at the Checkout. If you need help with your colour scheme just email. We'd love to help!

Wall names are not included (as pictured) but make a beautiful addition to this tree.

Please contact us if you would like some extra tips on how to adhere this decal.