+ On what surfaces can I use my decals?
So many options...where do we begin?
- Painted plaster walls and ceilings
- Painted and glass doors
- Windows - both internally and externally (though there may be some fading if adhered outdoors)
- Mirrors
- Furniture that has a smooth material
- Bathtubs
- Plastic surfaces - children's chairs, tables, even the potty!
- Laptop computers
It is important that surfaces are clean, dry and free from flaking paint and rust. Surfaces must be smooth for stickers to adhere properly.
+ Do your decals stick to Wash & Wear type paints?
This is a big, fat NO! These types of paints are designed to repel not just our kid's sticky fingers - but wall stickers too! 
+ How do I apply my decals?
Check out our Application Instructions here on the website. We give a step by step guide for application success! There's even a YouTube clip!
+ What is the life of my decals?
If adhered correctly, you can get more than 3 years out of your decals - believe us, you'll be ready to update before they show any signs of expiring.
+ Will they damage my surfaces? 
So long as you have followed our guidelines when applying your stickers, you should have no trouble at all. Some adhesive residue may be left on your walls when you remove them but can easily be removed.
Please note that we do not fully guarantee our stickers will not remove paint from your walls.
This is due to several reasons.
Firstly, we use one of the highest quality vinyls around.
We understand how annoying it can be to buy cheaper versions and feel like you constantly have to re-apply stickers because they do not adhere properly.
Secondly, these days there are many different types of paint used on walls and doors in homes that have varying elements. Our stickers may adhere more strongly to some paints and not others.
It is important to note that in the hundreds of suitable surfaces we have adhered our stickers, there has been no damage at all.
If your stickers have been left on for many years, you may notice a colour difference in the paint when you remove them. This is not because the wall sticker has removed the paint or the colour from your walls, but rather it has protected your walls from the dust/smoke that may have affected the surrounding uncovered walls over time.
+ Are these decals removable?
Yes. Our decals are easy to lift and peel away. They do adhere more strongly to some surfaces though, so if they do need a bit more encouragement you can add mild heat from a hairdryer. Give it a shot first though before you blast them!
+ Can I peel them off and stick them somewhere else?
This is a tricky one to answer...we can't say a firm yes on this. It kind of depends on what design you have chosen and what surface you have adhered it to. A large wall quote will not be removed and re-adhered, but you should be able to lift off a dot or triangle here and there to do a better placement of it. Make sense?
If you've adhered to a high gloss surface, it adheres really well. So, you will probably have less chance in re-adhering it.
With every peel and re-adhere, the decal loses its stick so we strongly recommend choosing your perfect placement the first time around.
Please note that we can not guarantee the success of re-application.
Confused? Email us if you want more info on this one!
+ What if I can't find the right design I want for my chosen space?
We can custom design - within reason. Send through your ideas and let's see if we can help you out. We do love a challenge!
+ What if I can't find the colour I want from the range of options you have?
Let us know what you're looking for! We might just be able to flutter our eyelashes at the supplier and order the tones you've got your heart set on.
+ What if my decals haven't arrived and they probably should have by now?
If you have allowed 10-14 business days to pass since payment was processed, please do not hesitate to contact us via email. We will reply via email or phone as soon as possible. All orders over $20 will have Aussie post tracking. 
+ If I have changed my mind, can I return my order?
All our decals are made to order and for this reason, we do not accept returns for change of mind. Please see more details on this one in our T&Cs.
+ What about exchange or refund?
Again, check out the T&Cs for more info on this.
+ Do you post outside of Australia?
We sure can - though this will incur postage costs. We can provide you with a quote on shipping costs to your chosen destination, and will provide you with a separate 'shipping' invoice. Please contact us prior to purchase at info@wallstickerart.com.au

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