Application Instructions

They don't look so great when you get them out of the packaging...
Am I right?
Never fear...Once you get through these easy application steps you will be sure to stand back and admire your handy work!
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1. Clean: Ensure the surface you have chosen is flat, smooth, clean and dry. It is best not to adhere your decals in humid weather and they don't stick to Wash & Wear types of paint. These paint types are designed to repel anything from sticking on it - from those little hands to Wall Decals!

2. Flatten: Remove your decals from the packaging and flatten them before trying to apply them. This is especially important with our larger decals that are posted in tubes.

3. Cut: Most wall stickers arrive pre-cut. If your stickers are still in one sheet, carefully cut around each part (e.g. around each leaf, triangle, dot etc.) You will notice there are three layers to your decals 1) the thick opaque paper is the Backing Paper, 2) the rough masking-tape paper is the sticky Application Paper, and 3) the middle layer is your chosen wall sticker.

4. Backing Paper Check: During delivery, it's common for the backing paper to come unstuck in places. Put the wall stickers a hard, flat surface with the Application Paper side down. With a credit card or similar, gently press and smooth from the middle to the outer edges. This will help to ensure the sticker has transferred successfully over from the Backing Paper to the Application Paper. It should also remove any bubbles that may form. Keep that credit card close by for Step 7!

5. Practise Positioning: It's best to position each individual sticker on the wall where you want them to be applied before removing the Application Paper. Use tack or masking tape as a temporary hold. Arrange the pieces where you would like them to go so that you know they will fit in your chosen space. This process is useful to also ensure your decal is straight on your wall.

6. Removing Backing Paper: Once you are happy with where your stickers will be positioned, peel the Backing Paper away at one corner and pull towards you. Go Slow! Some stickers have very thin sections and can easily be torn. As you peel, keep checking to see that the decal has transferred to the Application Paper. The sticky side of your wall stickers will be revealed in this process. Discard the Backing Paper.

7. Sticker Application: Carefully adhere the decal and Application Paper to your chosen space. Grab that credit card again to smooth the decal and Application Paper from the middle to the edges. Be sure to use only a small amount of pressure. If you apply too much force, the decal may tear or misshapen. This process also helps to remove any air bubbles that may form.

8. Removing the Application Paper: Once the decal is properly adhered to the surface, slowly peel off the application paper from one corner to another. Keep watch of your decal to ensure it is not being removed with the Application Paper. If it does - repeat Step 7.

9. Smile: Now it's time to take a deep breath, step back, and admire your beautiful new space!

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Remember - we're here for you! If you need any more information regarding this process, please send through an email.

Application Video - YouTube